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Our Process

Financial Planning Process

The financial planning process ensures the advice we provide is always in your best interests.

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We offer strategy based advice with the primary goal of meeting your objectives.

Areas Of Advice

For many people, super is one of the best ways to grow wealth, as it provides significant tax concessions to help you save for retirement.

To encourage you to save for retirement, the Government provides various tax concessions for super investments. For most people, these tax concessions make saving through super more tax-effective than saving outside it, which means their savings may grow faster.

In return for tax concessions, the Government restricts when and how you can access your super – generally you will need to wait until you retire after reaching what is known as your ‘preservation’ age.

Your adviser can help you decide if you should be making additional contributions to superannuation and avoid you breaching superannuation legislation. Super regulations are changing constantly so it is important to get professional advice to plan for a better and more secure lifestyle in retirement.

Super Consolidation

If you’ve had several jobs since you started working, you may have money in more than one super fund. More than one super fund means you could be paying unnecessary fees and insurance premiums on each one. We can help you track down your lost super and help you combine all your super funds into one can make your super easier to track, simpler to manage and ensure you save on fees and changes

Investment Options

Superannuation funds hold your money and invest it in different asset classes depending on the type of option you selected when you opened your account. The mix of investments that is appropriate to your needs will depend on your investment goals, your investment time frame and your attitude towards risk.

It is important to have your investment options reviewed to ensure you are invested in-line with your investment risk profile.

Platform Accounts

When we review your superannuation, we will consider if using a ‘platform’ account is appropriate for you. A platform account allows to invest your superannuation in a range of investments (cash, term deposits, managed funds and shares) within one account that provides consolidated administration, transacting and reporting.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSFs) are a popular option for investors seeking greater control over their retirement savings. However, the decision to establish an SMSF should not be taken lightly. Whether an SMSF is suitable for you will depend on your needs and circumstances and whether you are willing to take on the responsibility of running your own super fund.

One of the main advantages of having your own SMSF is the ability to invest in direct property (including borrowing within the fund) and investing in commercial property which can then be leased back to a related party to use in a business.

Whether and SMSF is right for you will depend on a range of issues and should be discussed with your financial adviser.

One of the most effective ways to provide some or all of your required level of income in retirement may be via a regular retirement income stream such as an account-based pension or an annuity. Some retirees may also be eligible for an Age Pension or other benefits from the Australian Government. It’s important to understand how all these options work, to determine the solution that is right for you.

A transition to retirement strategy may give you more flexibility and allow you to take advantage of tax concessions to help you achieve your lifestyle and super balance you want.

One you reach what’s known as your ‘preservation age’, you can access your super by drawing down a pre-retirement pension (an income stream drawn from your super savings).

Using this pension gives you the flexibility to drawdown an income and at the same time contribute to your super, e.g. through salary sacrifice, in a way that may be more tax effective than just relying on your salary alone. In most cases, you’ll pay less tax on your pension income than you would on the same amount of salary or wages.

Transition to retirement strategies don’t suit everyone’s circumstances and it is important to determine if this strategy is right for you. Professional financial advice can make all the difference and help ensure you are not disadvantaged from a tax or Centrelink perspective if you decide to implement this type of strategy.

Your financial adviser can help you see how you are tracking by determining your future income potential, projecting your final savings at retirement, and taking you through your options.

Talking to a financial adviser before you retire will help put you on the road to financial security and access the following benefits:

  • Help understanding complex super and tax legislations and translate them into actionable strategies.
  • Help you access the best income stream options and structure your retirement capital tax effectively.

Are you receiving all the benefits you are entitled too? Our advisers have an extensive knowledge of Centrelink’s entitlements and the rules regarding eligibility.

Our advisers can discuss with you a range of strategies that can maximise your entitlements.

Building a non-superannuation investment pool is an important part of building your overall wealth. Our advisers have years of investment experience and specialise in building diversified investment portfolios using both managed funds and direct shares that reflect your investment risk profile.

We also offer several cash and niche solutions with options available to invest in cash accounts, term deposits, annuities, investment bonds, ethical investments and gearing products.

Consideration is given to the way you structure your investments with platforms used to provide consolidated administration, transacting and reporting.

Your children’s education costs can be expensive. As a parent, you can save for your children’s education costs by establishing a savings plan while your children are still young.

Together with education funds, managed funds can also be an appropriate and flexible vehicle to save for your children’s education. Savings plans are available through most managed funds and across many asset classes and can be started from as little as $1,000 with monthly contributions of only $100 per month.

To achieve your financial goals; investing in an investment property may be a suitable and appropriate investment for you. We cannot provide you advice on finding a property, however, if you find a property we can assist you to analysing its suitability given your circumstances. We can show you what your cash flow will look like and the impact it will have on your tax situation.

Gearing can be an effective and tax-efficient way of building your investments over the long-term.

While it can increase your investment returns, you need to be aware of the risks involved. Accessing professional advice will help you understand the pros and cons and determine if this is the right strategy for you.

Gearing is the strategy of borrowing money to invest. It enables you to boost your investment earning power by increasing the amount of money you have available to invest.

Implementing a geared investment strategy is a long-term commitment, suitable for investors with time horizons of five years or more and a tolerance for taking risks.

There are three main ways you can generate the capital required to gear your investments:

  • Home Equity Gearing
  • Margin Lending
  • Geared Unit Trust

Contact us for more information about these options.

Your existing and future wealth is protected through having personal insurance. It is one of the most important roles in any financial plan and helps protect yourself and your family from financial loss.

It is important to consider the impact on you and your family should you die or suffer an accident or injury and are unable to work. Would you still be able to manage debt repayments and maintain your current living expenses?

We offer 4 types of personal insurance:

  • Life Insurance – pays a lump sum if you die or suffer a terminal illness so your family can continue to maintain its standard of living or pay off any debts
  • Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance – Pays a lump sum if you suffer a disability and become totally and permanently disabled
  • Income Protection Insurance – Pays a monthly income to support you if an illness or injury means you’re unable to work
  • Trauma insurance – pays a lump sum if you’re diagnosed with a specific medical condition (such as a heart attack, stroke or cancer)

Everyone’s requirement for personal insurance is unique and depends on their personal situation.

We can help you decide how much cover is appropriate, how it should be structured and what product features are important for you.

Personal Insurance

Moving to an aged care facility can be a stressful time. The payments and fees required can be a complex area and advice around funding and meeting these costs can ease the level of stress and make the transition easier.

Estate planning is the process of working out the best way to structure your personal and financial affairs while you are alive so that you are looked after during your lifetime, and your personal possessions and financial assets are distributed the way you want when you die.

Although it includes the preparation of a valid Will, effective estate planning goes far beyond one single document.

Estate planning documents (including Wills, Power or Attorney, Power of Guardianship, and insurance and superannuation nominations) are tools that are used to implement the strategies as part of the estate planning process.

Without a structured plan in place, the use of these documents alone is unlikely to deliver the most efficient and effective outcome.

We offer general estate planning advice regarding the establishment and reviewing of these documents.

You should seek independent legal advice to ensure all your estate planning needs are in order. This is a complex area and we are not legal practitioners.

We use Australian Executor Trustees who are estate planning specialists. We are happy to provide a referral if you would like.

Our financial projections software allows us to map out your future and determine if your goals and objectives are achievable, realistic and if you are on track.

We can also model different scenarios that allow you to make a more informed decision about your financial future.

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